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How are you adjusting to the fast pace of daily life? Are you longing for time-off from your jam-packed schedule? If you’re like me, the more you feel you must do, the busier you get, and the more complex your days become. Increased stress is required just to get the job done, not to mention what happens when someone or something gets in your way.


Adding regular Rosen bodywork to your schedule is one way to alter your experience and give yourself a new lease on life.


For most of us, this whirlwind of activities, increased responsibilities, stress and plans for the future eventually shows up as anxiety, difficult circumstances and people, and even depression. Relationships suffer. You may feel drained, or lack enthusiasm for things you know are important to you. You may find yourself withdrawing from work, meaningful projects, hobbies and relationships. You may be pulled toward any of the many diversions and escapes available in today’s high-tech world. If this sounds familiar, I encourage you to take action to interrupt these patterns and habits and look at life from a new perspective.


My work is designed to give you unique access to your life from a new perspective.
Rosen Method bodywork invites relief – immediate and long-term.


Rosen touch is deeply relaxing and provides gentle, yet profound access to your innermost thoughts and feelings. Rosen touch leaves you deeply rested, invigorated and open to new possibiities in the areas of life that are important to you. With new access to your self, and the role of body sensations, brain patterns, fixed behaviors, and unconscious beliefs, you can alter your experience of life in fundamental and lasting ways. As your practitioner, I am committed to your health and well-being. I know that learning to pay attention with new awareness to what your body already knows is key to creating a life that works.                                                                                                                Tell me more.

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